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Mixed Media Fine Art Mosaics

I like to describe my work as quiet chaos: a random and deliberate mix of tint and shade, smooth and rough, shiny and matte, curved and straight lines. It's my visual language.

A few years ago, after stepping away from a career in textbook publishing, an introduction to mosaics class immediately ignited something in me. Armed with a fine arts degree and an innate interest, I discovered my passion for fine art mosaics.

Working with mixed media, I combine traditional and non-traditional materials, oftentimes recycled items and found objects not typically seen in fine art mosaics. One-of-a-kind brooches, foraged items like rusted metal or used screw caps, intermingled with vibrant colored glass, pottery, broken seashells, or a cube of marble challenge my imagination to complete a one-of-a-kind contemporary piece.

Much of my work is first seen as abstractions with the hope that it will inspire creative dialogue between me and the viewer. My design process is intuitive and I explore relationships of color, combined with my internal discipline for structure, order, and planning.

For commission work, I involve the art collector with whatever little piece of personal item they may want to incorporate in the mosaic. Be it an heirloom timepiece, earthenware ceramic shards, or a half-pair modern earring, for as long as it draws meaning, value and sentiment to the client, my mosaic pieces become their personal treasures.

After all, art is personal.



Group Exhibitions (juried and invitational)

  • 2023 NEMS Fall Exhibit, Newton, MA

  • 2023 Bandon Public Library Annual Exhibit, Bandon, OR

  • 2023 NEMS Spring Collaborative Project Exhibit, Newton, MA

  • 2023 CMA2 Mixed Media Virtual Exhibit

  • 2023 Modern Mosaic Arts Invitational, Centennial Gallery, Peabody, MA

  • 2022 NEMS Summer Exhibit, Centennial Gallery, Peabody, MA

  • 2022 NEMS Mosaics Today through a Contemporary Lens,  Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

  • 2021 exhibit, Small Works 2021, Rochester, NY

  • 2021 CMA2 Seasons of Life Virtual Exhibit

  • 2021 NEMS Spring Online Virtual Themed Exhibit, "Take Me Away"

  • 2020 NEMS Spring Online Virtual Exhibit

  • 2019 NEMS Fall Exhibit, Newton, MA

  • 2019 NEMS Spring Exhibit, Marlborough, MA

  • 2019 "Please Touch the Art" Exhibit, Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA

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